Youth in Cyber: “Developing a Better Cybersecurity Community for Our Next Generation”

Topic: “Developing a Better Cybersecurity Community for Our Next Generation”
Join us for an insightful panel session at CYDES 2023 as participants of the Malaysia Cybersecurity Camp (MCC) share their perspectives on the effectiveness of the BootCamp in addressing talent gaps and shortages within the local cybersecurity industry. Under the theme “Developing a Better Cybersecurity Community for Our Next Generation,” this session aims to highlight MCC’s transformative impact on nurturing young talents and preparing them for successful careers in cybersecurity.

During this engaging discussion, MCC participants will reflect on their experiences, challenges, and achievements throughout the BootCamp. By sharing success stories and outcomes, this session aims to showcase MCC’s positive influence on developing a vibrant and skilled cybersecurity community in Malaysia. It will emphasize the significance of investing in the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and fostering an ecosystem that supports their growth and innovation.

Join us to hear firsthand accounts from MCC participants, gain insights into their journey, and learn how the BootCamp is shaping their skills and career prospects. Together, let’s celebrate their achievements and explore strategies to strengthen the cybersecurity community for the betterment of our next generation.

Organiser: RE:Hack – Malaysia Cybersecurity Camp (MCC)