Topic: To Invest or not to Invest! Strengthening Cybersecurity Ecosystem: Uniting Governments, Businesses, Citizens, and International Allies to Safeguard Nations


In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for governments worldwide. To effectively navigate the complex landscape of cyber challenges, governments must foster collaborative efforts involving businesses, citizens, and international neighbours. By leading by example, governments must set the tone for robust cybersecurity practices, emphasising the importance of protecting national interests and critical infrastructure. Recognising that cybersecurity cannot be outsourced, governments must actively share information, joint exercises, and policy coordination with their international allies. Together, this collective approach can create a resilient and secure cyberspace, safeguarding nations against emerging cyber threats.
Citizens must be educated about online threats and encouraged to practice cyber hygiene. By uniting governments, businesses, citizens, and international allies, we can build a resilient and secure digital ecosystem that safeguards nations and fosters trust in the digital age.


Mr. Mohit Sagar OpenGov Asia