Topic: Enhancing Operational Technology (OT) Resilience: Preparing for Future Disruptive Threats


Explore strategies to enhance operational technology (OT) resilience and prepare for future disruptive threats in this panel session. Gain insights into the evolving threat landscape, risk assessment, threat intelligence, and incident response. Discover innovative approaches to fortify critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Engage with experts, share experiences, and collaborate in safeguarding essential OT systems. Join industry leaders to shape a secure future, exchange ideas, and find practical solutions for OT security. Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges and safeguard critical infrastructure.



Ms. Maizatul Khairani, National Cyber Security Agency Malaysia (NACSA)



● Ts. Nazrul Yusni Hamzah, Heitech Padu

● Mr. Nasrin Abg Omar, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

● Dr. Amir A Samad, Petronas